The Children's Hour (1961)

Description of The Children's Hour (1961)

Description~A child's lie has life-shattering consequences in this Oscar®-nominated* daring adaptation of Lillian Hellman's celebrated play from legendary director William Wyler. Starring Academy Award® winners** Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine and co-starring James Garner, Miriam Hopkins and Fay Bainter, this landmark film is "one of the most finely wrought dramas in the history ofthe screen" (Motion Picture Herald). Karen (Hepburn) and Martha (MacLaine) are theheadmistresses of an exclusive school for girls. When they discipline a malicious little girl, the vindictive child twists an overheard comment into slander and accuses her teachers of questionable behavior. Soon the scandalous gossip engulfs the school's community, with repercussions that are swift, crushing and tragic. |

Date theatrical: December 19, 1961
Studio: MGM (Video & DVD)
ASIN: B00006L92W
EAN: 9780792854
UPC: 0276168814
MPN: MGMD100404
ISBN: 079285408X