Description of Snow Day (2000)

Product Description~When an unexpected snowfall closes down school its a once in a winter chance to find new love settle old scores prove yourself a hero and rediscover fun a day when anything can happen. Special features: snow day scoop featurette Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/03/2006 Starring: Chevy Chase Mark Webber Run time: 89 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Chris Koch| can happen on a snow day. So it's too bad the winter's been unseasonably warm, and there's nothing that Chevy Chase--weatherman and father of three--can do about it. But what if it miraculously snowed enough to close the school? Perhaps the oldest son would have a chance to date the most popular girl in school, his sister might have more time to play with him, their mother would act more like a mom and less like a workaholic, and Chase might even be given the chance to be a respected meteorologist who didn't have to wear stupid costumes on the TV news. When the snow does fall, these dreams slowly transform into reality, of course. There are no big surprises in Snow Day, and children will enjoy its genial jokes and good-natured slapstick. Adults may get a kick out of Iggy Pop's portrayal of an ice rink manager who plays nothing but wonderfully unpopular Al Martino songs. Chris Elliott (Get a Life) also has a small role as "the creepy guy with a plow" who, because he plows the streets, is the enemy of snow day lovers everywhere. Ultimately, Snow Day is predicable family fluff. --Andy Spletzer|

Date theatrical: February 11, 2000
Studio: Paramount
ASIN: 6306010513
EAN: 9780792165
UPC: 0973633664
MPN: PARD336644
ISBN: 6306010513