Description of Laws of Attraction (2004) Moore and Pierce Brosnan turn on the movie-star twinkle in Laws of Attraction. They're both divorce lawyers whose in-court conflicts give rise to sparks of an entirely different nature--and while they're in Ireland, trying to determine whether the husband or wife in a rock-star divorce deserves to keep a swank castle, they "accidentally" get married. Back in New York, they agree to keep up the pretence of marriage, lest a quickie divorce make them the laughingstocks of the legal community. Few comedies are as outright clumsy as Laws of Attraction; the plot falls apart even as you're watching it, the dialogue stumbles, the direction is graceless. Somehow Moore (Far From Heaven, The Hours) and Brosnan (Tomorrow Never Dies) sustain their charm--but if you're looking for a comedy about divorce, Intolerable Cruelty or the classic Adam's Rib provide a lot more fun. --Bret Fetzer|

Date theatrical: April 30, 2004
Studio: New Line Home Entert
ASIN: B0002I84N0
EAN: 9780780648
UPC: 7940437255
ISBN: 0780648056