Description of Brain Damage (1988)

Description~A worm-like parasite named Aylmer latches into Brian's (Rick Herbst) neck and offers to inject his brain with a hallucinogenic fluid, giving him pleasurable psychedelic experiences. The catch is to keep the "high" Brian has to feed Aylmer his favorite food . . . human brains! Directed by Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case, Frankenhooker) this amazing cult film favorite will have you screaming with laughter as you reach for your barf bag! Also contains the gore sequences deleted from the U.S. theatrical release, including the infamous "brain pulling" sequence!|

Date theatrical: January 1, 1988
Studio: Synapse Films
ASIN: B000094J72
EAN: 0654930302
UPC: 6549303027
MPN: D3027-7D